Farmhouse Networking is built on 25 years of computer and networking experience. Our roots in fixing computers for family and friends have blossomed into strong branches taking care of small to medium business networks. Our mission is to bring grass roots support to local businesses in the Josephine County who need a caring expert to tend to their computers and network while they get business done. With our office in Grants Pass IT support is only a phone call away.

Our years of experience have developed the breadth and depth of knowledge that is needed to properly manage business class networks. We are able to analyse the processes that make business happen then develop long term plans to insure that computing is a tool that fosters growth instead of a pest that devours productivity. We have developed partnerships with trusted hardware and software vendors that will add the essential elements which provide a nourishing ground work that make business flourish.

"Farmers have a 'salt of the earth' image. They are well know for being strong, no-nonsense people. Farmers work hard to make a valuable contribution - the provision of food that sustains life. Every day, they deal with unpredictability - torrential rains, sudden freezes, or infestations of bugs. Using their wits, and their wisdom from years of experience, they constantly adapt their strategies to meet each crop's changing demands.

Farmhouse Networking has an important contribution to make. We help improve the lives of others. We must have strong character and deliver what we promise. We must work hard in the field, and follow through quickly on all customer requests. We must pay attention to our customers, the way a farmer pays attention to the land, the crops and the weather. Furthermore, all farmers are aware of this simple truth: 'You must sow before you reap.'"

- Adapted from David, Kevin. Getting Into Your Customer's Head. Crown Business, 1996. Print.